Laminated glass

Laminated glass

laminated glass 3+0.38+3mm, 4+0.38+4mm, 5+0.38+5mm, 6+0.38+6mm, 4+0.76+4mm, etc. color, storage.

laminated glass



Laminated Glass is made with high quality adhesive interlayer and advanced bond technology


Laminated glass Size Range

Maximum Size 2140 *3300 (mm)         minimum size 300 *300 (mm)

Thickness of glass used 3-19 (mm)

PVB film thickness used 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm


Laminated glass Specification


Laminted glass thickness :3+0.38+3mm, 4+0.38+4mm, 5+0.38+5mm, 6+0.38+6mm, 4+0.76+4mm, 5+0.76+5mm, 6+0.76+6mm etc. color, could be produced as per request


Laminated glass PVB Film Color

Clear, Green, Blue, Grey, Milky white etc.



Laminated Glass Substrates Color

 1. Clear

 2.Blue, Weihai Blue, Ford Blue, F green, Natural green,Grey, Bronze

 3. Low-iron 

 4. on-line Low-e glass 

Laminated glass Application

Intermediate film can have a variety of colors for the designer to choose easy-to-wall and the surrounding environment and coordination. It is widely used in Security doors and windows, bullet-proof, explosion-proof with skylights, skylights, apartment / hotel doors and windows, zoos, aquariums, glass roof, banks, cars and other security establishments have special requirements


Laminated glass Quality Standards

Conform to GB/T9962-1999<>standard and Chinese Compulsory Certificate


Laminated glass features

1. Security: Installed laminated glass cannot be easily cut or broken. Therefore laminated glass provides effective defense against malicious destroy, violent invasion and burglary.

2. Resistance against hurricane and earthquake: for the reason that fragments of broken glass may retain in its original frame, laminated glass is suitable for regions subject to hurricane and earthquake.

3. Bulletproof: Multi-layer laminated glass may make into various ranks bulletproof glass subject to resisting bullet, explosion and riot place.

4. Noise reduction performance: PVB film is outstanding in hindering sound wave. Thus laminated glass may effectively reduce transmission of noise

5. Sunlight control property: Laminated glass (especially tinted laminated glass) may reduce sunlight heat transmittance and thus, save indoor cooling cost. At the same time laminated glass may reduce sun glare without chromatic aberration.

6. UV shielding performance: laminated glass may effectively shield ultraviolet (as much as over 99%), thus it helps to reduce the effect of ultraviolet on costly furniture, curtains, exhibits and other articles.


Package of laminated glas

Non-fumigation wooden crates, paper placed between two pieces, strengthened by steel strips.