Reflective glass

Reflective glass



Thickness: 3mm-12mm


Color: Silver clear, Euro Bronze, Dark bronze, golden bronze, Mist Grey, Euro Grey, Dark Grey, French Green, Dark Green, Lake Blue, Dark Blue, ford Blue, light blue, yellow, Pink, dark, black, golden, different colors for your choice


Max size: 96"x144" (2440mmx3660mm)


Normal size: 1220x1830mm, 1524x2134mm, 1524x2140mm,2200x1650mm,2200x1605mm,1830x2440mm,3300x2134mm, 3300x2140mm, 3210x2140mm, 3050x2140mm,3660x2134mm, 3210x2250mm, 3050x2140mm, 3050x2250mm,3300x2440mm,3660x2440mm, etc.


Feature & Function:

The on-line coated reflective float glass is produced by using CVD technology (chemical
vapor deposition) that creates a perfect uniform layer of metal oxide chemically
bonded to the surface of the glass. As this hard chemical layer is fully
bonded to the glass, the glass can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened and
laminated without affecting the coating.

1) High visible light transmitting rate, low reflecting rate, low radiating rate(e < 0.1).
2)  Avoid the light pollution and build good ecological environment.
3) Control solar energy radiation effectively, block far infrared radiation, save expenses of air conditioners in summer, save heating expenses in winter, have good
effect of heat preservation and high energy saving.

4)Filters glittering sunlight,Adding aesthetic senses to building appearance,Mirror effect.


Application: building glass use, Tempered glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, double glazing glass, Low-e glass, curtain wall, decorative use, etc. is available from ROCKY GLASS, One of the members of Saint-Gobain's processed glass club in China.


Packing and Delivery:
Packing: Sea worthy strong wooden crates with plastic film outside and paper (or Talc) interleaved between glass sheets.
Delivery: Within 10 days after deposit receiving.