Flat Tempered Glass

Flat Tempered Glass

1. Thickness: 3~15mm;
2. Size: Max: 2000*3000mm; Min: 250*250mm;
3. ISO, CE, CCC,ANSI certified(SGCC).
4. Color: Clear,Black, White etc

Tempered glass is manufactured through a process of heating and rapid cooling, making it four to five times stronger than normal glass.  Tempering eliminates the danger of sharp edges because the glass will shatter into small particles when broken.


Tempered glass is certified by ISO 9001:2008, SGCC, CCCand CE.


We produce flat, curving and custom tempered glass for different end use. And we also do special process on the glass including blasing, frosted, printless painting,sik printing, self cleaning and coating etc.



1)      Safety(tempered): When broken, it spits into tiny harmless pieces;

2)      Strong intensity: heat-strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness, and tempered glass is about 4 times.

3)      Outstanding performance in resisting thermal stress and wind-load;

4)      Tempered glass cannot be cut, drilled hole and other further processed;

5)      Tempered glass can be printed with special logo and patterns with enamel silkscreening;

6)      Different kinds of glass like clear tempered glass and various patterned glass.


Application: Shower room, furniture and electric appliance etc.